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This year things are a little different, and we’re focusing on one cause;


Ocean (he/they) is the designer of conscious euphoria and has been medically transitioning for the past 10 years. He has hit a wall with the NHS, fighting to finalise his lower surgery after his first stage 5 years ago. 


The NHS is refusing to operate on them unless they under-go vigorous weight loss which has been deemed as dangerous from external personal trainers and mental health professionals. 


The surgical team has also made inappropriate and unprofessional comments about their body, leaving him unable to trust the NHS with his surgery or aftercare. Formal complaints have been dismissed and ignored. 


Private surgery has become his only option, and they need to raise £8,000 to get there.


£1 from every order will be going towards his gofundme which you can see here.


When we reach the goal, we will continue to support the community by resuming donations to different fundraisers each month!

£106 Stonewall Housing

£260 LGBTQ+ Northern Social Group

£145 Emily Davidson Center (Loving Me)

£116 Aeri’s transition fundraiser

£98 Freddy's birth certificate fundraiser 

£110 Riley C’s top surgery fundraiser

£52 Olive’s top surgery fundraiser

£146 Riley M’s fundraiser

£55 Arden’s Top surgery fundraiser

£100 Cody’s top surgery fundraiser 

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