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At Conscious Euphoria we're dedicated to giving back to the trans community by donating £1 from every order to someone's gender affirming fundraiser each month. If you'd like us to donate to your fundraiser, just fill in the form! We can't promise to donate to everyone, but we will do our best to!

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For the first half of 2023, we did things a little different, and we focused on one cause; 


Ocean (he/they) is the designer and owner of Conscious Euphoria, and had been medically transitioning for the past 10 years, hitting a wall with the NHS, and fighting to finalise his lower surgery after his first stage 6 years ago. 

We wanted to fundraise for their surgery, thinking it would take over a year to get to the goal, but with the kindness of the community we surpassed the target in 7 months and raised over £10,000 for his surgery. You can find his gofundme here.


Thankfully, this means we can go back to supporting the rest of the community and continue donating to different fundraisers each month! Let us know if you'd like your fundraiser to be included in our list by completing the form above.

£106 Stonewall Housing

£260 LGBTQ+ Northern Social Group

£145 Emily Davidson Center (Loving Me)

£116 Aeri’s transition fundraiser

£98 Freddy's birth certificate fundraiser 

£110 Riley C’s top surgery fundraiser

£52 Olive’s top surgery fundraiser

£146 Riley M’s fundraiser

£55 Arden’s Top surgery fundraiser

£100 Cody’s top surgery fundraiser 

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