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The Real Massage is run by Ana, who is a queer specialist massage therapist based in Brighton, UK. I had been following Ana for a few months on Instagram and got in touch with the idea of re-branding her company. 

This is what she said:

"I work as a LGBTQ Specialist Massage Therapist and wherever possible try to work with other Queer people when doing anything around my business. My massage practice is my baby and it has taken a long time to build up. Over the last year, it’s popularity grew significantly and I was able to start running it as a full time job. Being so busy meant I hadn’t yet found the time to sit and look at my brand and consider what it was I wanted to say and how to get that right. It felt overwhelming."

I had the idea to bring in neutral colours of the rainbow flag to symbolise the queer community, as well as incorporating the essence of a rainbow and "touch" into her logo without straying towards a cliche design. 

As well as a new logo design, I re-branded Ana's website to better suit her practice, created some illustrations for her clients to understand their pain better, and put together some instagram mockups for her to use on instagram which would bring in consistency across her brand and into her social media. 

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